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CISP Compliant
Automated Off-site backups
You back up your data regularly from one machine in your business to another machine in your business, or from your Server to Workstations scattered around the building. Or you take that extra precaution to copy your unencrypted data on a thumb drive to take home with you (when you can remember it.) But what if something happens to the building? What if the hard drive crashes? (And you know eventually it will.) Living and working around the Southeast, dangerous storms often come about with devastating results. And Mother Nature is not picky. Anything is fair game in the path of a violent storm or tornado. Is your data safe? It can be with an extra copy of your data locked away safely in a vault deep in a mountain far from your business. It is encrypted with the latest technology BEFORE it leaves your building. Which looks safer to you?

CISP Compliant
Remote Control
Away from the office and you need to look at something you forgot to print before you left? Maybe you just want to see what the numbers look like while your away at a conference. Remote access has never been more popular than it is today. But everyone worries about data being seen or stolen. With our system, you (and only you) can get to your desktop securely.

CISP Compliant
Remote Monitoring
Your disk drive is just about full. Did you know that? With our remote monitoring, we (and you can too) will be notified by email when this, and other problems are about to happen. Ever had your machine lock up for no reason, and you can't figure out why? The disk drive is full. The fan that keeps your machine cool has stopped working and the chipset simply shut down. We (and you) can monitor such events and prevent problems BEFORE they happen.
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